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The Arcade Gaming Scene of the 80’s – What Made that Era Special

For over 30 years video gaming and video games in general have been a staple in society. The very moment Pong was played by kids all over for the very first time was what cemented the gaming industry into the world, this was the point of no return. When a very simple idea such as a two sticks hitting a dot that is overall a vague representation of table tennis captivated many, this just marks the beginning of video games and that video games will forever be here to stay. Video games have since then a staple in pop culture and are now inseparable.

Historians believe however, that the first true arcade game that was a sensation among the masses was the game called Space Invaders, way back in the year 1978. Space Invaders was the first game to implement a feature that has become a staple concept in video games up to this date, and it was the leader board, players with the highest scores were given the option to record their score along with their initials to show everyone who was boss. Though it was uncertain if this had an impact on the games popularity, but we can all agree that it was a pretty amazing feature.

But it was the 80’s that ushered in a new generation of arcade games, and this was what made arcades a very popular place. Video game companies and studios such as Sega, Konami, Nintendo, Activision, and much more were at full speed all hands on deck, working around the clock to push the boundaries and show the world their innovations.

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80’s arcade games were much more polished and refined as opposed to the games of the 70’s. Most of the arcade games of this era still had the pick-up and play functionality but were more complex due to them having more buttons than before. Games now featured stories that involved heroes and villains. It didn’t really take that long for adults and kids alike to become fans of arcade video games. All public spaces such as supermarkets, malls, restaurants, and even pool halls had at least one arcade cabinet.

But a competitor was also on the rise during this era and as it is also the era of the gaming consoles. The 80s also saw the rise and conception of the Atari and were a very popular option for playing video games especially when you are not able to go to a local arcade. But all was blown out of the water when Nintendo released the 8-bit system called the NES, it was at this point everybody was convinced that video games are going to go big.

Arcade video games, from the name itself can be found in arcades all over the globe, have remained a staple in pop culture for over years now. Arcades are a great place for kids to spend some money and time on playing video games, have great moments with friends and the grind of making it all the way to the top of a specific machine’s leader board, kids of today and those who want to take a walk down memory lane can experience this in arcade video game museums such as Rocket City Arcade where they can play classics an relive the golden years of the arcade.

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