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How to Safeguard your Child Online

A kid will act in a certain way mostly from what they see their parents doing. They especially learn most of what they do from them, which is of more concern. You are charged with the responsibility of ensuring their kids act right, and are responsible. In today’s world, it is inevitable that technology, and especially the internet will have to be discussed and properly handled. We tend to get so much from the internet. There has never been this much collection of information in one place. But to use it well, one has to be responsible about it. There is no denying that at some point, your kids will interact with the internet, thus making it a top priority for you to get them prepared for that time. Here are the points that need to be driven home.

You need to tell them the meaning of bad behavior online, and what good behavior is. The demonstration of what is right from wrong can apply in this scenario. You need to tell them not to ever engage in cyberbullying. You need to let them know the need for them not to hurt others online. If they were on the receiving end, they would not like it any better. They need to see the value in being kind to others. As they come to appreciate all the positive influences, they will shun any negative ones that come their way.

You need to put in place parental controls and find a kid-friendly search engine. This shall help monitor the type of sites they frequent. These also, block their access to bad and unsuitable sites. Tell them of the good sites they can visit, and the amount of info they can share. Oversharing is the thing that has cost so many kids their peace.

As they get older, you need to let them know which laws govern online behavior. This is how they get to learn of what it means b law to harass others. They shall also see the dangers in sharing nude photos online. That is seen as a violation of the child pornography laws, and could earn them the unenviable title of a sex offender. They may have been cheeky, under peer pressure, or going through blackmail, but they will now pay for it for the rest of their lives. Let them be free enough to tell you about it the moment it happens.

You then need to lead by example. What you do goes further than what you say. They will, therefore, do most of what they see you are doing, or what they see on your browser. You need to behave accordingly.

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