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Here is a List of Top 10 Best Penny Stock to Invest in 2018.

Penny trade investing need extra caution when the market volatilities are high this is because this business involves investing in the company’s potential and will often require considerable amount of investing experience and expertise and with names trending and making it big in the stocks market, this is the perfect time in some of the market hot picks.

The Aerotech deals with defense designs production capitalizing on virtual reality and drones and it supplies 80% of the world’s global aviation products.

Mueller water products is the leading fire hydrant in US with one fire hydrant selling at $1000 making it an impressive stock company to invest in, also the company receives low commodity prices and this to a large extent will increase the profit margins.

Another best penny company to invest is the Valeant Pharmaceuticals since it has cheap prices and at the moment Valeant is one of the leading biotech industries that trade affordable and recently gained over 35% in just 3 trading days.

Twitter is another company that is making plans to monetize and have the logged in users and due to better monetization it has grown and expanded making it a better penny stock market company to invest in.

Alibaba holding is one of the cheapest and best stocks and with 30% growth in sales, Alibaba is one of the largest retailer globally and with an investment of $18 billion and market capitalization of $200 B it is one of the penny stock to buy.

Five Below Inc. has in this year witnessed growth of 25% and with more than 400 stores the company has the potential to expand with an intention of operating over 2,000 stores in major cities.

Celgene Corporation last year of 2017 produced over $9.2 billion in revenue and being one of the best drug selling company in the world it is expected to experience 18-20% growth in the next two years ,if you want to buy penny stock Celgene is the right company.

John Bean Technologies Corporation is a company that supplies that supplies food processing industries and air transport and worth investing in penny stock.

One Vancouver based company dealing with minerals called the Northern Dynasty Minerals Limited has register impressive growth and worth penny investing in future.

Hecla Mining Company has registered record silver reserves for the next ten years and it could be impressive to tap to their penny investing.

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