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Healthy Food Alternatives For Butter

Many people regard the butter as an integral ingredient that they commonly use when making certain of their recipes. The popularity of the product notwithstanding, it has been a source of health concern considering that it has the saturated fat. This type of fat is the major culprit for a wide range of heart diseases as a result of its ability to clog your arteries which translates to the rise in the bad cholesterol content. Luckily though if you are fond of the butter, you can still access other types of healthy substitutes for it.

You should consider resorting to the use of the avocado if you are looking for the ideal food item to use in place of the butter. As a result of taking avocado you get access to sufficient content of potassium, vitamin K and fiber. As much as the product is known to contain fat levels that are quite high, this type is the one that is not detrimental to your health. The monosaturated will not only help bring the levels of the bad cholesterol down but it will elevate the content of the healthy one.

You should consider going for the olive oil if you are searching for a healthy alternative to butter. The oil has been shown to contain adequate levels of the unsaturated that is quite healthy. The oil does not only do well as a healthy alternative when you are baking but its application is also done when making the pasta or the mashed potatoes.

In the event that you are planning to have more moisture and protein into the foods that you are baking, it is advisable to go for the Greek yogurt. Apart from the fact that the yogurt does not come with extra calories and fats, it as well will ensure that the bread and the cakes that you are making have a velvety feeling. Additionally when you use the Greek yogurt in half the amount required for the butter, you will get more proteins.

The use of the applesauce is highly advisable as it has been shown to act as a healthy replacement of the butter in the preparation of the sweet recipes. The applesauce will not only give you more fiber and moisture to your baked products but it will save you a lot of calories. The applesauce should be used in equal measure as the butter that would have been required.

The butter that you normally use in the preparation of your muffins and coffee cakes can be effectively replaced by the use of the pumpkin puree. You will not only receive the nutrients like the potassium , vitamin K and fiber by using the puree but as well the baked products will be infused with flavor that is delicious.

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