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Attraction areas in Mississippi to Meander to

Perhaps the first point to take a stopover when meandering the Mississippi is the great monument of the gateway arch in St. Louis to view the six hundred and thirty feet tall monument. Make sure you tour the most tallest monument that makes history for being the tallest in the world. The arch was built as an ode to westward expansion in the US connecting the eastern and western halves of the country as it sits on the Mississippi river.

The second most attractive site to visit when meandering the Mississippi is the Wilson creek national battlefield in republic located near the Missouri. The national battlefield is so enjoyable to visit as it is not only a seven mile wide field but it also contains statutes and monuments within the battlefield. Also, the Wilson creek national battlefield contains a historical museum on site where you will get the opportunity to view war equipment and to learn the history of the battlefield.

Another attractive destinations you ought not to forget to visit when meandering in Mississippi is the Mark Twain’s childhood home in Hannibal. Hannibal is a city on the banks of Mississippi where the greatest author mark twain grew up and so you should consider visiting the place. There is an amusement park in Missouri that is considered a unique place since it displays the Missourian culture and so you ought not to forget to tour the park. Sillver dollar city is a fun park as you will enjoy fun rides and craft booths as it also contains plenty of shops and restaurants where you can enjoy your meal while visiting the park.

Mississippi state indeed has a variety of attraction sites you can visit another being the billion gallon lake in Bonne Terre. The billion gallon lake is a unique attraction site you must visit as its open to onlookers and divers thus you can enjoy seeing skilled divers showcasing their diving capability. You must not leave your tour without visiting the harry Truman museum since in Mississippi the museum is of utmost importance.

Finally, you must visit the world war one museum in Kansas city to take a look at the world war one relics. There exist a lake of Ozarks in Mississippi that is quite enjoyable to tour if you enjoy nature activities since the region allows plenty of activity such a hiking and camping in the region. Glore psychiatric museum is a creepy attraction site in Mississippi that offers glimpse to the dark world of the psychiatric treatment in the seventies, eighties and nineties that you can enjoy if you are a fun of creepy things and also to learn. The glore psychiatric museum houses replicas of past wheelchair and beds used thus you can better understand the dark world of the past psychiatric treatment.