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Elements of a Noble Author

In general, an author is a person who writes books. The constitutes of the books may be different. This is done during one’s free time or professionally.

Writing should be an obligation you take by yourself and not being forced by another individual. Commit yourself into writing for many hours than the expected. The readers should feel proud when reading whatever you have for them in store. Again for you to be a good writer explore more on other books. This will greatly help you become a better writer in future. On the other hand a writer must learn to be imaginative.

A good writer should learn to wait for the process the book goes through for it to be known. When you write your book, be ready for it to take time for it to be published and get in the market. Once you lack time for waiting for all this then automatically you are not a good writer. On the other hand you must be disciplined for you to be a good writer. Writing should be seen as a job that brings your income and so should be looked into well and stick to it. Since it is considered a hobby, then you should be able to think about it now and then for you to build your writing spirit more and more. Again your typed work looks attractive than handwritten work since it will be well visible to everybody. Consider typed work as the best since it is legible by all means and this calls for privacy wh9enever you want the written work at any given time. Time will be consumed since it will be a matter of opening a file on your computer.

A good writer should have a high spirit of facing whatever comes up in the writing sector. You should be able to take what you have seen or heard from movies or even books that you have read. This means that you should not leave your readers in a dilemma of what happened after that. You should be able to catch the mind of the reader and let it flow in him smoothly. The reader should be able to understand the order of events on how they follow. Have a better linguistic to avoid your book or script been banned by the commission that looks into this sect. The type of language used should favour the age addressed to. For you to be another noble writer, you should be able to accept positive and negative reviews from your readers. , On the other hand, it sounds good since you will be able to correct what may be wrong in your writing.

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