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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Wetsuit

Before purchasing a wetsuit, you should ensure that you consider multiple factors. One of the main tips you should check when buying a wetsuit is the thickness. The warmth provided by a wetsuit is determined by its thickness. It will also affect how flexible it will be. Wearing a wetsuit that is flexible is the best way of ensuring that you will be able to enjoy free movement. You will even be able to surf for longer.

Another thing to consider when buying a wetsuit is whether it is sealed or unsealed. Wetsuits that are not sealed are usually sold at lower prices. A sealed wetsuit is the ones that usually has stitched seams, and it is also sealed with liquid tape. This ensures that the water that may seep through the suit is limited. You will be surfing and feeling warm at the same time. Wetsuits are usually sealed in multiple ways. Wetsuits that are adequately sealed tend to be more expensive. There are those wetsuits that have glued seams. The panels are usually glued together before stitched in this case. The strength of the seam is increased in this case, and this creates a watertight seal.

Another important tip to consider when purchasing a wetsuit is your size. It is highly essential to try on a wetsuit before you pay for it. Sizes usually differ depending on the brand. The quality and the stretch of the material used also greatly affects the fit of a wetsuit. You should buy a wetsuit that is tight but not too tight because if it is too tight, it will make your movement harder. In this case, you should ensure that you go to the local store and try some wetsuits. It will be easy for you to see the one that will fit your body type in this case. You may buy a big wetsuit thinking that is comfortable but it may be stretchy after a while, and it will end up becoming uncomfortable.

Another crucial thing to consider when buying a wetsuit is the location of the zip. Traditional wetsuits have a zip on the back. The reason why the zipper is located on the back is because it ensures that you will not be lying on an uncomfortable zipper. Nowadays, the zipper in most wetsuits is mostly located in the chest. The excellent thing about chest zip suits is that they tend to be more flexible because they don’t have a zipper that is sewn into the suit. An added advantage of these wetsuits is that they are more watertight. There is no zipper that may allow water to seep through in this case. In conclusion when you decide to buy a wetsuit, you should ensure that you consider all the above tips.
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