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The Influence of Terence Mills to the New Technology to Humanity

New technology greatly impacts our daily lives in every field, from the cars we drive, to the cell phones we use, and computers and networks we access and the power we are consuming! These new technology developments have greatly affected the lives of humanity.

But the advancement of technology has brought confusion to many due to its complexity in cloud computing, method of security and data encryption! This is the fact that cannot be denied: new information technology not only benefits the programmers, hardware engineers, network analysts and database managers but even benefits the users as well. New information technology was developed in 1940’s and 1950’s to improve the work of the military an universities.

Today, a lot of new generation of humanity does not know the life before the emergence of new information technology. The old generation has become alienated to this modern world. The breakthrough in science and technology will surely impact not just our lives but even to our children. The new medical science and technology will be able to cure cancer and HIV-AIDS through the advancement of the technology. Clinical trials for pharmaceuticals and robotics for complex surgery are few of the new technology that is still being developed.

Alternative fuel vehicles, virtual reality conferences, space travel for civilians and worldwide network of personal wireless electronics are few of the too many other inventions in the modern world. These latest research in technology specifically in computer science is not just able to cater medical, business, gadget, IT and education But it will mean better health, more knowledge to acquire and more power to gain at our finger-tips.

Some of the hot topics in the research technology include environment and renewable energy, space science, electronics, stem-cell investigations and many others. All of these developments is wholly credited to the amazing invention of computers! The computer application is used and has been acknowledged worldwide. New features of computers have been developed every day.

The business technology has been established to help companies get an edge in their products and services and also on their competition. Through corporate digital strategy, the new technology is being applied and is incorporated to a business.

An example for the emerging new technology would be the artificial intelligence or AI in short. Another example would be the Moonshot. Terence Mills who go boldly as an entrepreneur, marketer, AI pioneer and digital technology specialist. He is the founder or AIio and Moonshot.

Without a doubt, new technology through digital transformation, may have been inventing the wheel, the telescope, the printing press or the first steam-driven car but it also drives societies towards greater health, wealth, security and well-being!