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Relying on AA Chips in Recovery

There is a need to understand the context of an accomplishment to fully appreciate it. If for example, you have never understood the stress of completing a marathon, you cannot fully appreciate someone winning it. You can see this also in getting sober. Alcohol addiction is a problem that those affected understand fully well than other people. Any efforts towards recovery will, therefore, be highly praised and celebrated. An important marker of such occasions is the AA chip system.

AA chips are tokens you rely on to acknowledge the period in which one has been sober. You will notice some meaningful symbols on the chips. There are the AA circle and triangle icon, which help you keep in mind the lessons gathered on the road towards complete recovery. You can also read the serenity prayer on the back, to keep you motivated.

The chips are great motivators, and also anchors which hold you down through the process. You will remember how far you have come, to help you avoid anything that could take you back to square one.

The AA chip system comes with certain rules you need to adhere to in the process. You will, for example, be given the day one chip. It is usually an important occasion, as it marks the hardest part of beginning the process. That commitment is embodied in the chip and so makes it valuable. It celebrates your first 24 hours sober. You will get it when the first 24 hours sober is over. Expect a white chip, to signify a fresh start.

You will then move to a chip each month you are sober after that. You will see the color-coded, with 30-day chips as red, 60-day chips as old, and 90-day chips as green. Some AA groups tend to change those colors. As you keep diligently collecting them, you will reach the yearlong milestone.

Once you are sober an entire year, you will receive the one-year chip, normally bronze in color. You will keep getting another one for each year sober after that.

The AA chip system has proven to be so effective other addiction recovery programs are also using it. Some people have also come up with their individual take on the chip system. You can, for example, rely on the same system to mark occasions when you have successfully completed the steps toward weight loss management.

When you are ready to stop the abusive relationship with alcohol, you need to fully commit to the process. There will be challenges along the way. One of the best ways to remember why you need to keep going is to take a calm perspective of the situation. The AA chip system help you see the bigger picture.

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